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Customizing DJCalendar V5.x With Your Company Logo
To Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Calendar And Add Your Company Logo...on the Main Calendar Form, simply click "Colors" from the menu bar, then select "Change Color And Logo".

To edit the included document templates or design your own Custom Contracts, Invoices, Document Templates etc...go to the "Custom Form Editor".  From the main calendar, select "Tools" from the menu bar, then select "Custom Form Editor"

In this example, we will edit the included Contract template.  Simply Click "File" from the menu bar, then select "Open", then "Contract".  Note:  You can customize your own documents and templates and what appears on this menu from the Main Setup Form.

Now that we have the sample Contract Document Template open, lets prepare to insert your company logo.  First click the location where you want to insert your company logo.

To insert your company logo into this sample contract template, select "Company Logo" from the available "Custom Fields"...finally, click the "Insert" button.

You will notice that the "Custom Field" called [CoLog] was inserted in the position you designated in the previous step.  The custom fields will be replaced with actual data when printed.

Click on an available event from your main calendar which will take you to this Contract Data Entry Form that you see below...lets Print the Contract by select "File" from the menu bar, then selecting "Print".

 You will notice that the "custom fields" were converted to "real" customer data.  Print, Fax, Email, or Export your documents to PDF.

 You can also Print Preview your documents by selecting "File" from the menu bar, then selecting "Print Preview".  Note:  If you havn't activated your software, your company address information may appear blank in the custom templates where your [Company Address and Name Fields] were inserted.

You can include an unlimited number of custom documents to make available to print from the contract form.  You can set up new or modify existing on the Setup get to the screen you see below....from the main calendar, select "File", then select "Setup" from the menu bar.