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How To Videos

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Getting Started With DJCalendar This video will show you how to install DJCalendar, Create An Online Account, and Setup Your Software To Print Company Name And Address On Included Document Templates Getting Started With DJCalendar www.DJCalendar.com
How To Add Your Company Logo To Custom Documents This video will show you how to customize your DJCalendar software to display your company logo on the Main Calendar screen. Once this is completed, you can add your logo to the built in document templates i.e. contract, invoice, payment receipt, etc.. How To Add Company Logo www.DJCalendar.com
How To Setup Your Customer Products And Services This video will show you how to setup your Products And Services, add them to an event, and print a customer contract. How To Setup Products And Services www.DJCalendar.com
How To Design And Setup Your Own Data Entry Form This video will show you how to setup your own custom Data Entry Templates for collecting Customer and Event Information. How To Setup Data Entry Templates www.DJCalendar.com
How To Assign An Event Location And Download Turn By Turn Directions This video will show you how to assign an event location, download turn by turn directions, and optionally print, email, fax, or export your directions to PDF. How To Get Directions www.DJCalendar.com
How To Print Envelope Labels This video will show you how to search and select records from your customer and event data and print these records on standard address envelope labels. How To Print Envelope Labels www.DJCalendar.com
How To Create Product Packages This video will show you how to create a discount and add several products into a single Package you can conveniently add to event contracts. How To Create Packages www.DJCalendar.com
How To Add New Employee, Assign To Event, Email Turn By Turn Directions This video will demostrate a few features on the Employee Database form as well as show you how to add a new employee, assign this employee to an existing event, and emailing a "Work Order" containing Turn By Turn Directions and Event Details. How To Add New Employee www.DJCalendar.com
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How To Activate Your Software

Once you purchase a DJCalendar V5.0 license, open DJCalendar, select "File" from the menu bar then select "Setup".  This will take you to the "Setup" form.  Simply enter your email address and password (that you entered on the Order form) and click the button "Update/Activate" software.